1) This one sounds like an obvious one however it is a fundamental for keeping your glow.

8 glasses of water a day minimum.

For those who find water tasteless, you can add chopped fruit or cucumber to your water to make it a little more interesting. My favourite things to use are pineapple and lime!

2) Hylaronic Acid. Meet your bestfriend.

Dehydration can be easily combated with the magical powers of Hylaronic Acid. Hylaronic is a humectant which binds water to the skin. Many of my clients use oils in their routines however oils work on dry skin and not dehydrated ones.

Dry skins have a lack of oil whereas dehydrated skins have a lack of water and so using an oil on a skin thirsty for water is simply unaffective. Hylaronic acid is often found in many skincare products ranging from lower to higher concentrations. I would recommend buying this in a purer form to use directly on the skin for best results.

Method: For dehydrated skin that is first using hylaronic I would suggest applying to the skin morning and night until you can see and feel a difference in your skin. I also love keeping a bottle in my desk to press into my skin during the day when I can feel it becoming tight. You can press hylaronic over the skin on top of makeup gently and it will not disturb the application. Using the product in this way does reduce the absorb-ability of the product however I feel its a good way of keeping on top of your skin at work particularly when you notice your makeup beginning to get patchy.

Once you feel your skin has adjusted, you can cut down to using it a few times a week and find a balance with what works for your skin. Bare in mind that all skins are different and everyone will need a varied routine to keep their skin happy.

3) Cut down on your powders!

Powder blusher is fine, however cream products almost often look better on a dehydrated skin. Using a powder foundation will often exaggerate the texture on the skin and can also make it feel dry. Setting your makeup with a sheer powder is fine to do, bare in mind though that the more coverage a powder gives the heavier it’ll sit on the skin.

4)  Use a hydration spray.

Similarly to how you would use hylaronic during the day, a hydration spray can be used on the skin throughout the day to keep the moisture levels as high as possible. Remember to not get this confused with a fixing spray (holds the makeup) as these often contain alcohol which will further dehydrate the skin- Boo.

5) Last but not least, choose wisely !

Dehydration in the skin can be caused by many things however often dehydration is caused in the skin through using the incorrect products for your skin type.

Often we tend to favour products which are harsh on the skin as they are seen as more effective. In many cases this is not true, ingredients such as menthol, peppermint, fragrance and alcohol can greatly dry out the skin.

This will stimulate the production of oil , and so you are left with unbalanced, greasy and dehydrated skin and often this leads to clogged pores too.

To avoid this, select your products carefully, checking the ingredients and selecting appropriate exfoliators to use alongside your routine. The increase in exfoliators available on the market has massively increased over the last couple of years.

Whilst this means we have a fantastic selection of exfoliators to choose from, it also means we need to be more wary about what we are putting on our skin. As mentioned previously, harsher products- in this case- more aggressive scrubs, can often do more harm than good. Harsh exfoliators will damage the surface of the skin which in turn affects the skins appearance.

I hope this short blog was helpful. Please leave me a comment or pop me an email if you have any questions!

Alma x