Did you study photography?
Yes, I first picked up a camera during my A Level Art studies at High School and loved it. I then went to Art College for 6 months on a Photography Course learning all about film and darkroom processing. I gained my Accreditation as a Master Photographer in 2009 and my Diploma in Photographic Practice in 2011.

Tell us about your first wedding job
I didn’t really want to shoot weddings particularly, but took a job shooting a Registry Office wedding in 2004 for a bride and groom in their mid-70s. I didn’t charge much thankfully as the photos were pretty rubbish, but I surprisingly really enjoyed it and made a promise to myself to get better at shooting Weddings!
Within the wedding industry who inspires you?
I am drawn to and inspired by people who are genuinely good people with great values. People such as top Photographer John Nassari who are not only great at their craft but are really forward-thinking in their business too. As I get more experienced I am surrounding myself with positive and ambitious individuals as I truly believe these qualities are infectious and rub off on you.

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What makes you give yourself a mental high five post wedding?
When I say my goodbyes to the Bride and Groom and they are so thankful for everything I have done up to that point. Remember, this is before they have seen any photos and so is purely down to my manner and professionalism on the day. I love that bit!

Do you shoot digital, film or a mixture of both and why?
I shoot purely Digital now, just because of the convenience of it. Most clients these days want quantity as well as quality, and as a Documentary Photographer I need to be able to move between many different light sources quickly. Digital allows me to do that much more easily.


Do you have a favourite camera and/or lense?
I have always been a Canon man as I find the layout of their systems to be logical to me. However, they are heavy and so I am looking at lighter systems to make it easier for me to travel light. As for lenses. my favourite is definitely my Prime 50mm 1.2L – I use this more than any other lens.

If you were to pick one defining moment in your photography career what would it be?
To date, it’s probably one of my images winning the Wedding Art Fashion UK category at the International Master Photography Awards in 2016. This was judged by 18 Master Photographers around the World, and so has given me the confidence to appreciate the standard of my work. Like so many Photographers, I am my own biggest critic and so this has helped shift my mindset in the right direction.

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How do you choose which images you share with the bride and groom?
I only really delete the images that I don’t want them to see, such as where I have got the exposure wrong, someone has walked across my frame, or if the subject is mid-canape! I always think it is better to present as much as possible to the client as some ‘not-so-great’ images might tell a story or remind them of something they might otherwise forget. For me it is not just about shooting perfect images every time.
Can you tell us 5 people who you think deserve more recognition in the wedding industry?
I couldn’t possibly narrow it down to just 5 people. There are so many individuals that have been so supportive to me over the years and that I am so grateful to have met, and who in my opinion should be recognised so much more for their talent and approach. My list would be very long indeed.

USB or Wedding Album and Why?
Album every time. I include USBs in every package as that’s just a way to pass digital images to clients, but it will be dead technology in a few years. It’s Albums that hold real value. Albums last beyond a lifetime and become family heirlooms passed down through generations. It really is no contest!


*All Images Are David Bradfords Work*

*Portrait Of David Shot by Chloe C Photography*