HD Airbrush Bridal Makeup

Deciding on your makeup look for the big day can be tough. Nude or Bold lip? Shimmer or Matt? Lashes or Extensions?

With so much inspiration around, it can all be a bit overwhelming. I often find that brides gravitate towards particular images. I get shown the same bunch (4/5) of inspiration pictures, hundreds of times and 9/10 they actually find the makeup way too heavy once applied.

Remember that almost everything is edited. I try to put up as much raw (unedited/unfiltered) work as possible (Completely unedited as above). However most of the images makeup artists are shown are heavily edited and filtered. When looking for inspiration, its a good idea to look for someone who has similar features to you. E.g, similar eye and brow shape, lid space etc, as well as ‘real’ images which aren’t heavily edited. These factors affect how the makeup will sit on each individual.

Bridal looks fall into three main categories. Natural, Glam/Sultry and Classic Hollywood.

Within these of course there are different tones, colours, shapes and textures. I created this series to show one woman, looking beautiful but very different in each of these iconic looks.

Before Photo Of The Beautiful Rayy

hd bridal makeup artist


First up- NaturalHD Airbrush Bridal Makeup Artist

There is something about a super clean natural look that will always steal my heart. This makeup is all about creating a flawless ‘skin like’ complexion. Correcting, brightening and adding coverage where needed. Natural fluffly brows, a soft pink lip to compliment the subtle brown eye and liner. No Lashes used here however, you could absolutely rock this with a baby lash!





Secondly, Glam/Sultry

HD Airbrush Bridal Makeup Artist

I would say that this is the most requested look. I find that brides will usually go with something inbetween this and natural when originally they thought they wanted more of a glam look. I think it’s important to show a bride what they want and let them make the decision that its too much or not enough. I will always give my opinion, especially if i think the makeup will not be complimentary, but, at the end of the day, this is your big day and you need to feel a million!




And last but not least, Classic Hollywood

pppAh. So beautiful. I love a gorgoues hollywood look. Super classic and just the right amount of sexy. I toned down the blusher for this one and added some more warmth to the skin to compliment this deep blue red colour which is super flattering for teeth as an orange/pink red can make your teeth look more yellow. Red always looks amazing with white but it is a very bold choice and most people run at the thought of it! Don’t knock it till you try, you could find yourself loving it for the big day!





Behind the scenes video of creating the ‘natural look’ <3

* Select 1080 to watch in HD *

Enjoy xx

Photo and Video Credit to Lia B Photography