On the 8th of May I attended the Hilton Atlantis Wedding Fair organised by Elite Events.

I love wedding shows, particularly for networking as I think its a great opportunity to meet new people who are in the same industry as well as potential brides.

It’s also pretty cool sitting next to my beautiful banner which I am so inlove with.

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A shot here,  to show off the banner and where I placed it! Sorry about the awkward shadows. You get the drift tho 😉

Here are my top 20 tips for a successful day!

  • Research! Past shows, past attendants, numbers! How many people are they expecting? Is it free entry? How do they advertise
  • Who is next to your stall? Obviously, you wouldn’t want to be next to someone who offers a similar service. Ideally, someone you can colloborate with.
  • How many other makeup artists are at the show? (or whatever it is that you do 😉 ) – There should be a max of 2-3 depending on how big the show is
  • Where is your stall in the venue? Is it next to a toilet or ugly fire exit? Is it a ‘hot spot’? Is there Wifi?
  • How large is the table that you get? – they are usually 6ft. Do you get chairs? If so- How many?
  • Is there extension leads/power near your stand?
  • Bring someone with you who can cover your table while you network! – This is so super important. If you are a one man business or in my case a one woman business, leaving your stall unattended is a big no no. Having somebody with you means they can sit down and collect enquiries and data whilst you practice your social butterfly skills and go make some new contacts
  • Don’t limit yourself – As I said before, wedding shows are great for networking. Meet photographers, Planners and florists- Its a great way to refer business and also arrange photoshoots. Everyone needs amazing images.
  • Have a banner! You can design this yourself or have a professional do it for you. I was very fortunate and my good friend and graphic designer Alyssa helped me create mine. It was perfect. From across the room it read super clearly. This is so important. No small text, the colours should be bold but in line with your service and branding. Ideally double sided because you may be given a table where brides can walk past either side and its awkward if it just has a gray back!
  • Table Cloths- Ideally white in my  opinion, but again it should go with whatever your branding and colours look like. A nice heavy weight cloth is good. Anything cheap looks cheap and this is not the time to be cutting corners. Everyone will be judging on what you are presenting!
  • Sweets/Candy – Have something to offer your brides or clients when they come to the table. Everyone likes a sweet bribe
  • Photobooks- So important for showcasing your work. You can talk the talk but you need to be able to SHOW what you have done. The easiest way to do this is from photobooks or video montages made on your laptop.
  • Ipad/Mini Laptop- Something digital that displays your website, additional work or to Data Capture!
  • Prices and Services List – Printed out and ideally framed so it doesn’t look like just a piece of paper
  • Sign up/Info Sheet- Capture their information so that you can follow up with them
  • Bring drinks and snacks- Hotels usually have expensive food that isn’t discrete or fulfilling, so bring something you can munch on for when you get hungry!
  • Double check the night before that you have everything you need and make a list, you can tick this when you are packing up to leave the show
  • Make friends with the venue- you never know when you could need a swanky hotel room to shoot in
  • Confetti- If you haven’t got loads for your table, confetti or little crystal gems are a nice way to add in something interesting and jazz it up a bit!
  • And LASTLY, just enjoy it! You will learn so much from your first show that you can implement into the second! Smile, Be bubbly and friendly- grouchy looking people always have empty stands! <3



Wedding Show:  Hilton Atlantis Wedding Fair By Elite Events

Photographer : Thank you to Gokhan from vragency.co.uk for the lovely photos used in the blog post <3

Flowers : Big thank you to Jo for giving us some extra flowers for our table ! They were beautiful. www.jj-occasions.com