Is there such a thing? I totally think so.

Makeup is SO personal and sometimes it can look and feel really strange to see yourself made up in an entirely different way. However, keep in mind, this IS a totally different occasion and so there will be some change involved!

You are meeting and skyping tons of suppliers. Lots of personalities, advice and opinions. It can all very quickly start to become daunting. This should be a fun experience so don’t put too much pressure on yourself to make everything perfect. I think personal recommendation is always best, however, it is so easy to find great suppliers online with hundreds of portfolios available at your finger tips. There is something for everyone and everyone’s budget you just have to look!


You can roll your eyes but personality is so key. This actually goes for any of your suppliers, however, I feel that your makeup/hair stylist, photographer/videographer and wedding planner if you are having one, are both super important people to connect with as you will have the most ‘one on one’ time with these guys.

Your makeup artist will be with you for the entire wedding morning. Wedding mornings are often extremely overwhelming especially when your guests arrive and are desperate to see you. My brides are always so thankful for some quiet time, away from the madness!

The wedding morning will be run on a schedule and its important to stick to it. Somebody with a friendly but firm and professional personality is key. You need someone who will feel confident in telling your bridesmaid, ‘ No, you can’t have the same lipstick as the bride, sorry! ‘ &  ‘ No, you can’t have Amy Whinehouse flicks either’  Some of you may be thinking, no, my bridesmaids are nothing like that, but you’d be surprised what seems to come out of people on a wedding morning!  We can ensure that everyone sticks to the schedule, eats, drinks and gets dressed on time!

You want your wedding morning to be as relaxed as possible and this starts with booking the right artist. Someone who is easily stressed would be the least ideal type of personality as you need somebody who can be your ‘island of calm’ – and yes I totally stole that from one of my reviews <3


A makeup artist should provide you with a schedule of your wedding morning. If she/he hasnt mentioned this to you. Ask for it in advance once you’ve confirmed numbers with them. The schedule is a great tool to send out to your bridal party so they also know what is going on that day. It also means that they have no excuse to not be in the hair/makeup chair at X time. If 4 people run over 10 minutes, you’re 40 mintues late to your wedding. Its important to stress that everyone sticks to their time.

A contract. ALWAYS have a contract. Again, this applies to any supplier. Even if it is a basic contract, it needs to confirm their attendance, and if something awful was to happen, what they would provide you with/how they would fix the issue. Nobody likes talking about the nitty gritty, but, its something that needs to be addressed. Better safe than sorry!


Don’t be afraid to ask your artist how they keep a record of what they’ve used and how they’ve applied your makeup. I’ve read a lots of posts from past brides complaining that their wedding day makeup was nothing like their trial. Make sure this doesn’t happen. The whole point of a trial is to design your makeup for the big day, if you want tweaks, that’s fine, but it’s not at the artists discretion to change the look. There’s plenty of great apps out their to help artists stay organised- no excuses.


Where they late to your trial? Do they answer emails promptly? Sometimes things happen and you can’t help being late! However, there is a massive difference between somebody who leaves early with the intention of arriving early and somebody who leaves on time/late with the intention of ‘getting there when they get there’. Book somebody who is punctual and understands the importance of this!


Do they have reviews? What do their past clients say about them? Ensure reviews are legit and look for them in difference places, e/g where clients have submitted them. Facebook pages, freeindex, google business etc as well as the ones on their website


An extensive range in a portfolio is always best. Depending on location, some makeup artists may not have a varied range of skin tones in their portfolio. Or, their clientele may be from a specific background/culture. I for example, love working on Asian,Black,Hispanic skin, however 98% of my clients are Caucasian.


Touchy subject. Do they look scruffy or professional? Don’t forget that your makeup artist will more than likely be in the background of your photos. Hoodies  or too casual looking clothes are a no no.


Do their brushes look and smell clean? Does their kit look clean? Do they practice sanitation – disposable mascara wands, lipgloss wands, scraping lipstick/creams or using a brush. Hygiene is SO important. The last thing you want is to catch a nasty infection before your big day!


I always say to Brides, if you see one brand of makeup, run. Working with one brand is for one, very very  limiting and secondly, I personally cant think of ONE brand that has every product I need/want in my bridal kit.  If your artist only has one brand, it is very likely that they work for that brand and are a retail artist. NOTHING wrong with this, however, wedding experience is KEY and very important. They may have tons of wedding experience but don’t be afraid to ask! Retail work and Wedding work are very different.

Most Importantly, you need to go with your gut! If you have any doubts or funny feelings about something or someone, don’t go there!