What a lovely way to start the week with these two beauties! I really do have the best job in the world!  I know I say it all the time but it really is true.

On Sunday, Jennifer had her preview appointment for her wedding makeup with me. Let me just start by saying that she is one of the nicest people I have ever met and you can TOTALLY see it in her eyes! Super sweet and caring, it was a real pleasure making her up. Plus, how amazing is her skin? Like a baby.

Jenni wasn’t entirely sure what she wanted to do with her makeup as she didn’t usually wear any, and if she did, it would be very little. She wanted to look and feel amazing but not too much, so I found the balance between natural and glam and here is the lovely result!

13418558_1006059102796064_6055113382909619129_ojj 13403148_1006059109462730_7406457069910362253_oIt was super important to create a dewy and fresh skin to really enhance her beautiful warm skin tone. Ardell wispies of course really finished the look off and gave her that sexy flutter! The brows were kept natural and defined using matt eyeshadows from Inglot and a mixture of AOM, Charlotte Tilbury and MAC shadows were used on the eyes. Prepped with intensive eye complex, revealing gel, tru face line corrector and nutricentuals moisturiser- the right skincare and the right prep is KEY to a long-lasting, beautiful, fresh and dewy makeup.

Which brings me onto this next bombshell!

13346542_1005932716142036_1079608949343999036_n  13413729_1006065676128740_7643759559060430226_n









Today I had the pleasure of finally meeting Bride Kimmy, who’s face I just couldn’t wait to work on! She wanted defined brows and eyes but not too smokey with a sexy lash and nude pink lip. Glowing skin again here with a pastel pink blusher to brighten up her complexion.  Prepped the skin as above and continued with the Airbase Airbrush Foundation followed by Charlotte Tilbury Powders and Skindinavia Setting Spray! Kimmy wanted to go darker with her foundation,  which meant I airbrushed her neck and chest and set with a light bronzer. I always reccomend a spray tan for brides wanting to  look more bronzed, however if the bride chooses against this, then we can, to an extent,  warm up the skin without any obvious demarcation lines!

If anyone would like any specific information on products drop me a comment below :)

Really looking forward to the big days in September and April! <3