I recently put out a post on my page where viewers were able to comment any beauty related questions to have them answered in a blog post.
I’d like to do these quite often as I think they are a fun way of finding out top tips without having to do a ton of research yourself.

If you’re interested in getting your questions answered, please leave me a comment or pop me a message on any of my social media channels :)

1) Which products in your kit do you use the most and why?

I absolutely love the Matt Eyeshadows from Inglot. A couple of years ago I made an eyeshadow palette with a selection of neutral shades they offer at IMATS. This pallete is now my most used and seems to have a never ending amount of product, which I love! The size of the pans are bigger than standard ones and the texture is really smooth and easy to blend. I use them as a base and socket colour in nearly every makeup I do. Its also what I use to fill in brows for a soft but defined finish.
Airbase foundations are another firm favourite of mine. They allow me to custom blend my clients colour and I feel confident knowing that it will last all day and look fantastic in photos. Its lightweight but gives a beautiful coverage and has a natural skin like finish.
Urban Decay Primer Potion! I use the original and have recently rediscovered it in my kit and now I can’t live without it! It gives a nice smooth base to work on top of and gives the right amount of coverage to subtly blank out the lid. Paired with a skin tone appropriate eyeshadow on top and you’ve got the perfect base for any eye makeup!
Top Tip! Use a small amount of primer potion underneath the eye to help minimise creasing from concealers.
2) What is your favourite product for achieving radiant glowy skin?
The illamasqua cream highlighters are absolutely beautiful for a soft radiant finish to the skin. I also really like the iconic Soft and Gentle highlighting powder from MAC and the liquid highlighters from Becca are lovely to work with too! For greasy skins, stick to powdered highlighters that are shimmery not glittery.
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3) What is the difference between traditional foundations and Airbrush Makeup?

Traditional foundations are usually either water based or oil based. I use Airbase Airbrush Makeup which is a silicon based foundation that passes through an Airbrush gun to create a HD flawless finish. It is waterproof, sweat-proof, humidity proof and just generally amazing for any occasion calling for staying power! Airbrush makeup also allows the artist to more easily custom blend a foundation colour suitable for the client and leaves everyone looking and feeling red carpet ready.

I have a page on my website dedicated to Airbrushing if you’d like to read more click here.

4) What are your most used lipsticks for brides?

I use the Bobbi Brown Pro Lip Pallete at my trials as it has a gorgeous selection of shades and I really like the texture of the lipsticks. They are moisturising yet opaque and long-wearing and they have a lovely colour selection for bridal makeup. For more fun colours I favour Illamasqua or Mac. Popular colours from the Bobbi Brown pallete are, Sandwash Pink, Pink Mauve, Blue Raspberry, Brownie, Chocolate, Beige and Honey Suckle.

5) Whats better a Matt or Dewy finish for wedding makeup?

I really enjoy creating a makeup with both as I feel it gives the most dimension to the skin and thus photographs beautifully. This also depends massively on skin type. My go to finish for a normal skin would be a soft matte all over with a radiant glow over the cheeks and cheekbones, cupids bow and sometimes under the brow for additional lift.

hd airbrush makeup artist london north london bridal wedding bespoke mua

6) Why is SPF in foundations a bad idea for your wedding Makeup?

SPF contains Titanium Dioxide which when used during flash photography causes flashback in the camera. The result? A white face and darker body! Probably not the look you were going for in your wedding photos? To avoid this, use products which contain low amounts of SPF and bronze the skin for added warmth and definition.

7) What are the best lashes for brides?

Lashes are dependent on the style of the makeup as well as the eye shape of the client. Sometimes I use lashes to simply add more glamour to a makeup but often I’m using them to enhance a clients eye shape, extend or perhaps lift the eyes.

My go to lashes are Ardells as they have a flexible band which makes for an easy application on fluttery eyes and the lash hairs are fluffy and delicate!

The thicker the band the more obvious the lashes will be. If you want a dramatic lash, I would still encourage you to purchase a lash with a thin band and add the darkness with a liner so you have more control over it as well as an easy application. Thicker bands tend to be stiffer and so they can pop off at the corners more easily.

8) Whats the best lip liner to keep lipstick from smudging?

I cannot recommend the Provoc lipliners highly enough. These semi permanent lip liners are a fantastic option for brides who struggle with the staying power of their lipsticks. Use with a light hand as they are very opaque and can feel drying if applied too heavily. If I’m not using the Provoc Liners I will always fill in the entire lip with a lipliner before applying the lip colour as this will increase its staying power.

9) What are your top tips for achieving naturally radiant skin for your wedding?

You’ve probably heard it a million times already however ensuring you drink enough water is vital to a healthy complexion. Plenty of servings of oily fish and other healthy fats found in nuts, avacado and oils such as coconut and olive oil will also promote a naturally radiant complexion and are brilliant for our hormones too !

10) When is the best time to take care of unwanted hair for your wedding?

Stick with what you know! If you haven’t previously waxed, do not get a wax the week of your wedding. I always advise brides to use their normal hair removal method to avoid anything happening. Be particularly careful with waxing if you are having a spray tan as the tan will not stick to the area that has been waxed. I would leave 2 days between the two appointments to be safe. The safest methods would be tweezing as this leaves minimal impact on the skin. Some people break out with a rash or spots after threading. If you want to try something new, ensure to do this in the months leading up to your wedding so you can understand how your body reacts- professionals can advise, but we all react differently.