One of the first things a client says to me when they sit in my makeup chair is,  ” Oh, I’ve got this awful spot that just came up! ” or  ” My skin is so dry and flakey! ” and  “I use all the creams but they make no difference, look at all these wrinkles !”

We all have different skin concerns and wishes. I always explain to my clients that there is only so much we can do on the day, which is why a trial/consultation/preview is SO important. A preview will generally take place 3-6 months before the wedding day, this gives us plenty of time to work some magic and get your skin looking its best!

Remember- The longer you have the better. If you can start a good routine a year before the big day, then do so!

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Schedule professional Facials

Seeing a professional facialist is SO important especially when it comes to handling the skins needs properly. Although facials can and should be good for the skin, a bad therapist can also harm the skin and prevent premature ageing, skin damage, spots etc. Always go to someone who is highly recommended, and qualified, don’t just pick any local person to do your facial. Someone experienced who retrains regularly with new treatments is ideal. Good reviews and repeat business is essential too. Stick to the same therapist (as long as you’re happy of course), as they will be able to assess your skin in the lead up to the big day and know your skin better than a new therapist.

I offer Mobile Galvanic Facials which are amazing for tightening, brightening, skin discolouration, definition, hydration and fine lines. If you are interested in booking a facial with me, pop me an email here!

Adopt a skincare routine

I come across so many brides who say they don’t even own a moisturiser. It breaks my heart- quite literally.

It is SO important to hydrate our skin especially if you live in London like me and we are constantly followed around in a bubble of pollution and crap. A basic routine should consist of a Moisturiser (with SPF for Day) suitable for your skin type and age,  Eye Cream- one specifically for your concerns eg fine lines, dryness, discolourtion , Cleanser- Which can come in many forms,  Gel, Cream or Liquid , A Serum , and a Night Cream. If you have to cut this down then use your moisturiser as your night cream as long as it doesn’t have spf as this can block the skin. You will then have to use a separate SPF product to protect the skin during the day. You could also cut out the serum depending on your age and skin concerns, but generally, you should be using one. STOP using makeup/baby wipes- they are rubbish for the skin and only remove the surface of the makeup.

Deep Clean with a mask

I deep clean once a week. Everybody has different skin needs but depending on the mask you are using follow the instructions and see how you get on. You may need to increase or decrease. hd airbrush makeup artist london north london bridal wedding bespoke mua


Exfoliating your skin is key. You need to get rid of the dead skin that sits on top and keeps your skin looking dull. I do this 1-2 times a week, but again like the deep cleaning, it’s really up to your own skin. There are a few different options. I like AHA exfoliators as opposed to granular exfoliators which can scratch the surface of the skin.

Body Brushing

Body Brushing is an amazing and gentle way to exfoliate the skin. It cleans the pores and helps with the appearance of cellulite as well as increasing energy, circulation and blood flow! Its a winner all round.

Colon Therapy

Well, I don’t think I need to go into detail here. But yes, its great as a pre wedding treatment!

Eat Superfoods & Hydrate

Water Water Water! There are so many fun ways out their to jazz up a glass of water if you find it boring or don’t like the taste. Try bringing a 1.5 or 2 litre bottle of water out with you, you’ll probably feel more inclined to drink it all to reduce the weight of it, works for me !

hd airbrush makeup artist london north london bridal wedding bespoke muaSupplements

Supplements are a great way to get a boost to your body.  Ensure that the supplements you choose are not full of fillers! I swear by the TeGreen Capsules which are now available to purchase through me for my brides! One capsule is the equivalent to 6-7 cups of green tea, which, lets be honest, who has the time to drink!


Might be a boring one but there is no excuse. A lot of us live a very busy lifestyle but if it means having dinner prepped so you can get in, eat, and unwind then do it. 7-8 hours a night, of quality sleep!

Be Organised

Don’t leave your beauty treatments to the last minute. You could have a reaction or for example, if you were to have your brows waxed- the makeup would not adhere properly because the texture of the skin would be different. It goes super patchy and it’s not a good look. Test out your spray tan before the big day, a dodgy tan is a nightmare and sometimes we just can’t fix it!

Clean your makeup brushes

Many people look over this however using clean brushes is so important. If you don’t clean your brushes you are essentially rubbing bacteria, dead skin and dirt into your skin. It’s disgusting. Just do it. Deep clean with shampoo and sanitise with IPA or Surgical Spirit. I don’t like the majority of brush cleaners so use this as I know it kills everything!