The burning question, Do I really need a trial?

Ultimately, it’s up to the individual how comfortable they are with having someone do their makeup on their big day.

If you’ve had your makeup done regularly in the past by an artist and you’re wanting the same kind of makeup that you would usually have, this is really the only time I would say you could skip on having a trial. For most people, their wedding makeup artist will first be introduced to them at their trial. It’s important to make sure you not only love the makeup but that you ‘click’ with your artist. Wedding mornings can sometimes be stressful and emotions are running high, it’s important that you have someone with you who is calm and collected- we’re on your side!

What happens at a trial?

At your trial I will ask you some questions about how you usually wear your makeup, what kind of coverage you like, finishes, colours, whether or not you fill in your brows, if you like false lashes etc. This will give me an idea of what I can create that is bespoke and individual to you. I will then ask to see your inspirations, makeup you’ve previously liked, images from the internet, your dress and hair. Once I’ve done my ‘investigating’ we will continue on, talking about skincare and beginning to create the makeup. I always take photos of the makeup at trials, not only for my reference but also so that you have a chance to see how the makeup photographs and how that can differ from real life.

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Should I have photos with me?

Yes, the more photos and ideas the better I can work. You can also show me images of makeup that you don’t like and tell me what you don’t like about them! Sometimes this is even easier and gives me a true idea of how I can create a makeup that you’ll fall inlove with!

Do I need to come with no makeup on?

Again, this is up to the individual. If you do arrive with makeup on bare in mind it will take a little longer for us to cleanse and prep the skin. Avoid wearing waterproof mascara and liners to ensure we don’t aggravate your skin when removing it. If you want your makeup artist to see how you usually wear your makeup on a daily basis and what you are comfortable with, wearing makeup at your trial can be a good idea.

What if I change my mind?

This is completely natural especially if you are having your trial well in advance of your wedding date. Depending on the changes that you want made, I might suggest a second trial. If you feel that your makeup needs a little bit more strength on the eyes, or you want to go for a different lip- these are the kind of small changes that can be adjusted on the day. I always recommend brides to shop around for their lipcolour if they didn’t really love a particular colour at their trial. If you are wanting to completely change your makeup from a soft look to something really striking then I’d recommend having a second trial to make sure you are 100% certain.

Do I need to buy any of the makeup used at the trial?

I will note down any products that you particularly like at the trial for your reference however it isn’t necessary to purchase them all for touch ups. A good idea though, is to purchase your lipstick and lipliner as this will be the only thing that will wear off during the day. If you find you have greasy skin, a setting powder would be ideal for touch ups every couple of hours to absorb the shine where necessary. If you prefer, you could also purchase oil absorbing blotting sheets instead of using a powder.

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Should I show my makeup to my family or fiancee?

This is very individual. Sometimes too many opinions aren’t at all helpful. Regarding family, ask yourself WHY you’re wanting to show them your makeup. Is it because you want their opinion on it? Consider how you feel. This is the most important. Are you comfortable in the makeup? Do you feel beautiful? If you love your wedding makeup ultimately the opinion of others doesn’t really matter. I’ve had brides that have loved their makeup and when a family member has commented that it wasn’t enough or it was too much, the bride felt completely uncertain. Trust your gut!

Some brides can feel nervous because they’re worried their fiancee won’t like their makeup. If you’re really concerned, I feel the best thing to do is simply ask how he/she feels about you having a more glamorous makeup than usual or a more natural makeup (depending on what you wear and how he/she usually sees you). You’ll find most partners aren’t bothered and just want you to feel comfortable! At least this way you can keep your makeup as a surprise on the big day and still feel assured that they will love it.

Lastly, when should I have my trial?

The latest I would schedule a trial is 3 months before the big day. However, this doesn’t mean that you start looking for your artist 3 months before your date. I take on bookings up to 2 years in advance so leaving it this late could mean your date might already be booked. The best way to approach booking an artist is to find someone you like as soon as you have your date and numbers. Once you’ve finalised pricing you can put a deposit down to hold your date.

Hope that’s helped Brides To Be! Until next time :)

Alma x